How about a new real PRG template not just Third person

Kia ora

I’d be nice to be able to select a template for an RPG game. thrid person at the end of a rod. NO NOT an RPG character

IMHO a real RPG character is something like the Elder Scrolls characters that can toggle between first and third person and zoom in and out
in third person. something we can add climb sit sleep to with a use key. For example I tend to change the default ElderScroll from <space> jump
and <E> use to swap them round so I have <e> jump and <space> use that for me is easyer to open doors harvest stuff etc and I’m <W>'ing it to run round
so it’s (for me) eayer to <E> to jump when I need

It’s jus so hard to find a tutorial done by an educator the explains how/why/what thyer doing when the make the charcaters so many tutorial are silent watch the text
while chassing a mouse at light speed. nough ramble.

RPG template pretty please

Problem is, as soon as you start making any RPG systems, you would discover they really dependent on game design, so there are nothing really to template without making design decisions.