Hovering over a button displays info?

What I am trying to do is when I hover over a certain button, it’ll show whatever details I decide. For example I hover over a button for a gun and it will show the dps the reload etc. How do I do this? I know you can add a tooltip, that’s not what I’m looking for. Also i know it needs to start with being fired from the on hover event.

Make a second separate widget, which will be a generic tooltip widget.

Have text blocks for DPS and reload, and bind the text contents to a text variable which is set to be editable and exposed on spawn.

Then on the hover event for your button do something like this:

This has nodes setting it to the cursor’s position, you may or may not want to do that, but this should give you some idea as a starting point.


exactly what im looking for thank you!

can you guide me to make a tooltip widget, thanks

Don’t hesitate to punch it some keywords into forums search, google or YT:


You’d be surprised how quickly one can find what they’re after.