Hovering buttons in widget blueprint

I have one widget with buttons and I want my cursor to change from default to hand when hovering them. I just cant do it right.

  • In the details from the button I select Behavior/Cursor/Hand but it doesnt affect the cursor.

  • I have enabled Set Show Mouse Cursor in the Blueprint.

So I tried to make an alternative by nodes in the Graph mode :


And another problem has appeared

I set a Sequence node for each button, so when the button Is Hovered , if true I set it to the hand and false with default. But sadly this only works with 1 button.
When I use the “Then 1” in the Sequence node it stops working.

  • I added a Set Color and Opacity just for testing if it worked and it works fine even if I add several branches to the Sequence node.

So I’m out of ideas, any help?

Thanks in advance

Sorry for bumping but sadly Im still having this issue.
I tried Multigate, Sequence and Event on Mouse Enter. None of them worked fine and the cursor is still the default arrow from Windows.

Do I need any special options for the button?

Hi Aian,

I’m not sure what are you trying to achieve here, but for the widget button, perhaps you can try the below


Hi RynerAJ
That doesnt work, when I compile my widget it only shows the default cursor even if I select Hand cursor.

Lets see, step by step :

1 - I create a widget with 1 button. In behavior I select Hand Cursor.

2 - I create a basic Level Blueprint for showing up the Widget as soon as the game starts.

3 - When I hover the button, the cursor stays the same. (I cant show the cursor in the screenshot but it is the arrow)

Did I miss anything?

I may be completely wrong here but I thought I read something about this being a bug. I don’t have a source so take it for what it’s worth

It has to be a bug, It is something so simple that is hard to do it wrong.

Hi Aian,

I guess it is a bug, tested myself. I’m working on Mobile so the cursor never really was my issue. Meanwhile, maybe you can use the below inside your widget BP, tested it on my side using the TopDown template. Might be a better alternative as it not uses the Event Tick node.


But this cursor change on hover/away state will be applied to all elements inside the widget - text/images etc.

Thanks for answering
I tried that method before, its useful specially ingame but inside a widget it applies to all the screen as you’ve said. As long as I know it can’t be attached to a single button.

I wanted to highlight urls and interactable objects in the widget, like the ones in a point and click adventure. Guess I have to try another method :frowning:

Hi Aian,

Now that you’ve told what you’re trying to achieve, you reminded me that I had similar test project created, using widget on screen.

First I create two cursor func inside widget bp


Then I create another func for the buttons, to be used in event tick, which I not prefer to, lead to the test project abandoned and forgotten


When in game, the cursor change will take effect on hovered buttons and not the text/image


Since I uploaded the method this far, guess I’ll upload the rest, perhaps it may help you to come up with something that might be working for your project.

I created a BP called InteractiveObjectMaster which I can use to create child of interactive object in world. this master BP has widget component set to not-visible in game. For the purpose of editing, it is set to visible from the screenshot.



And finally, in the topdowncontroller, set it not to move to location if the hit actor are the interactive object class


I’m aware, this might NOT be the best approach to achieve this kind of things but, just a test project back then.

And if you have experiences in web design or has a friend that knows, you can try this plugin:

Clever solution! Its something similar like my first picture but much better and cleaner. I already tested it and works great, thanks for the idea.

I think its better to trust on the blueprints instead of the widget options, at least for the moment.

As for your other BP yes, it will come in handy as thats the kind of things I wanted to make, very user friendly.

:slight_smile: glad it helped.

One little thing, the Hover function worked in the MainMenu widget BP, but when I enter to the Options menu and create another Hover function, it stops working. It only works in the first one. Do you know the reason?


Ok I know the reason, its the typical issue where you have to click onscreen twice and then the cursor shows fine.

No, saldy it doesn’t work fine.

It works just for the first widget but when you press a button - remove widget 1 from parent and create widget 2 it loses the focus.

I mean, mouse is over widget 2 (Set input mode game and UI node), you can click buttons just with 1 click but you have to double click for getting the right cursor over buttons. Strange :confused:

Is there any way for focusing the mouse into the widget? Apart from using Set input mode. Maybe adding a node with an autoclick.