I’ve started working on a basic hovercraft that I’m planning to release to the community when it’s ready. I’m happy to do a tutorial too if there’s enough interest. At the moment, movement is simulated rather than full physics, although I’m planning to attempt a physics implementation next (time permitting). The placeholder model is pretty imprecise and there are still issues to work out regarding thrust and collisions. I also need to spend a fair bit of time tuning the steering (it’s a bit slippery) and cleaning up the blueprints.

I would appreciate any and all feedback!

looks good to me so far:)

Awesome work Piinecone! I feel like this hovercraft, when you are finished, is going to be amazing!

Realy nice !!! I subscribe to this thread.

I’m not programmer, just 3d artist, and i looking for HoverCraft blueprint like this.
(much like wipeout ^^ )

Your vehicle can remain fixed to the road head down ?

This project has been released.

Release thread: Hovercraft - Released Projects - Unreal Engine Forums

Full source/binaries: GitHub - piinecone/hovercraft: Hovercraft prototype for Unreal Engine 4