hover vehicle movement issue

Hello, guys.
I want my car to increase it speed when I press Forward (as in real from 0 to 10-20-30 etc…).
But now it moves with the same speed from start.
My tests in mage below.

I’m a little confused about the structure here- are you showing images from two different approaches you tried? (i.e. one enclosed in the gray comment with just InputAxis MoveForward, and another using both Event Tick and InputAxis Moveforward?)

When you say ‘same speed from start’ what do you mean- it instantly goes to your max speed? Have you tried greatly reducing the force you are applying every frame in the Gray commented example?

Personally I would recommend you use an Add Impulse node and check “velocity change” instead of Add force. Then you can use much smaller and more intuitive #'s (i.e. <10) to apply an impulse every frame you are pressing forward.

I think you’re trying to do this the hard way. You might be able to customize it more through blueprints but you could simulate a hover vehicle by simply adjusting drag and acceleration settings built into the movement component. I haven’t tried vehicle controls yet but it’s worth looking into, if those options are available.

Where you multiply forward vector by 1000000, instead of a flat 1 million you could use a timeline that goes from 0 to 1mil in whatever time you want.

Timeline could be the easy way to go or you could just use the vehicle blueprint and then you are working with torque curves.

Tried 2 options. Simple works but speed is always constant. II do not understand how it works. Use of the sedan I did not succeed. Maybe someone knows how to create one better.

Which method works where ‘speed’ is always constant? Can you be more precise in explaining the issue you see vs your desired behavior- Does it goes to a speed and stays there, or when you say speed is always constant do you mean it accelerates by a constant amount?

Is your character in flying mode or on the ground? If you accelerate to a speed and then it stays constant that is likely governed by max walking speed or max flying speed setting.