Hover Physics

Hello, I am trying to make a boat float. I had everything under control until I came across an inclined plane/ramp. My mesh will then start to take flight and then I can control it in the air. I need help with keeping it on the ground if it hits a ramp or an inclined plane.

Google is your friend. Also search this forum.
There are multiple topics about hoovering vehicle, some with good examples and links to tutorials.

I’ve searching for an answer for about 5 hours now. I have not received any clear answer. I can post my problem and hopefully get some answers. But I’ve been trying many different things and researching a lot of sites to help this issue.

I’m confused by your wording. Do you mean that you can or cannot control it while in the air?

The problem is that wherever the boat is facing it will go forward in that direction. I need it to come back down to earth once it’s in the air.

Here’s what I’ve been using for movement.

Integrate a trace on -z to check distance to surface [Unreal Engine 4.7+] Hover Vehicle Blueprint Tutorial - YouTube

I was able to integrate the line trace but I’m still getting the same issues. It seems like it’s trying though.

I used that video tutorial to get started, but it didn’t fully get me the results I wanted. Here’s a better example of what is going on. [video]2016 03 16 9 19 16 - YouTube

Not sure where you were searching but might want to look at BoredEngineer’s example of an hovercraft. If I’m not mistaken its in with the MMT_Plugin. It also has an example of keeping an object upright using physics.