Hover component

So there’s a video in Unreal channel about hover component (Adding a Hover Component | Live Training | Unreal Engine - YouTube) that dosen’t work, I already google it and read all the comments, but none of them really helped.
Can someone give a light on how to make work??

I’m using UE 4.10.4

Hello Zukoku. I’ll try to explain it best I can using a hovering vehicle I made. Before anything though Id recommend watching videos as it explains how the hovering component works really well. Space Dust Racing UE4 Arcade Vehicle Physics Tour - YouTube

In this vehicle I have 4 line traces with each of them having length 100.

You then add a force component at each of the location. I showed the whole bp in case you would like to copy it.

so as of right now lets say that my line trace length is 100, and my force applied at each line trace is 200. You have to set up a inversely proportional force at each line trace. For example lets say that the distance of the line trace 50 (which means it has been compressed halfway) then the force would be at 200. When the line trace is at 100, then the force will be at 100.

Thanks man, that really helped

If you wanted to create a single hovering object similar to that in the video you first posted then I believe you can use a single LineTrace and then in the physics detail panel you can lock the rotation about the and x and y axis so that it only rotate about the z axis while hovering. Also the Hover event above is a custom event so it’ll have to be called 4 times for each ‘suspension’.