House pack - Farmhouse Style

This pack contains a variety of 10 different houses, in the ‘farmhouse’ style. Each style of house has 3 variations for the siding to choose from. Wood siding, vinyl siding, or both. There is a single static mesh version of these houses that can’t be entered, and there is a blueprint version that can be entered and all the doors (even the garage doors) can be interacted with.

The blueprints have options to hide pieces of the houses to make placing assets inside easier. You can hide the exterior, ceilings, the individual floors, or the doors. This makes placing things much easier.

I included a few other assets to make a map to run around in. Trees (not realistic), fences, sidewalks, grass, and street signs are available. The street signs have the option to customize the name and numbers.

Every house blueprint has the option to spawn either lightmass portals for the windows, and/or reflection spheres for each room. There is a limit to the number of reflection spheres in a single map, so use that one sparingly, but it’s good for smaller maps.

The houses are all built with realistic proportions in mind. For entering and exiting the houses, I included a Blueprint Interface that’s called each time you enter or exits a house. It’s called to the player, but also globally (get all actors with interface). This is very useful for things like lightening or darkening the scene when you enter or exit a building, or pulling the camera in or out when you enter or exit the building. (The example level uses both methods)

You can find it in the marketplace here: House pack - Farmhouse Style in Props - UE Marketplace

You can see a flythrough of the pack here:

Thank you for your time! (Hope you enjoy the pack)