House One

Greetings to all.

My first post was an exploration of the unreal engine’s interactive qualities in a small project. Today I leave a new project.

The design was for a client but sadly it never got to build so, I decided to build it in Unreal Engine. The project was modeled entirely in Maya, 80% of the assets was made it for me and a few was from but re-modeled to use the “Auto Unwrap UVs Tool”. I do not know if I found a new technique but I did not have to do the snap work on the grid and the result is very good. I’ll post this process and you judge it, maybe I’m super wrong. Of course only works if the object was modeled correctly. Finally a few assets from evermotion library.

All the Foliage is from “Kite Demo” and jesus, hard to control it, but anyway. I did only two master materias, 1 for world position where i need the same texture size and 2 for local position using Luos’ Math Functions. THX LUOS !!. And the landscape material, i think i spend 1 month reading all the post, all tutorial for that material but finally i did it and works :slight_smile:

Special thx to Raghu and Rabellogp for you’re inspiring and motivational work.
I hope u like :slight_smile: