House of Fears - First Person Psychological Horror Game

House of Fears is known to be one of the scariest haunted attractions in the country. Many different phobias are tied together in this scaremaze such as ghosts, clowns, darkness and claustrophobic spaces. After numerous props have gone missing after closing, you’ve been chosen to take the night shift.

House of Fears is a horror game that puts the player in a fictional haunted attraction with the objective to keep the security cameras online and to survive the phenomenons that occur as time goes by. The game takes place on one night, from 12am to 6am and will be in realtime. The player will be able to free-roam the entire attraction, including areas both from within and behind the show scenes. There will be events throughout the entire map that will put the player in situations where they must think clearly, failing these circumstances can lead to an increase in fear which in turn will make the game more difficult to complete. As fear raises, the more common these events will happen.

Here are some pictures of the level as of now (still major WIP) Any critiques are appreciated!