House construction vizulization

Hi guys. I am fairly new to Unreal Engine. I have a project, where i am supposed to show the different stages of a house construction in 1st person in Unreal. I am wondering, how would i make my scene as step 1, step 2, step 3, where the first step would be the foundtation, step two would be the wall framing, and step 3 would be the final house with furniture… Any advice? Do i need to use 3 different levels? Sorry if this is a noob question

It would be relative easy to use a separate level per step. You could use a simple level blueprint to switch between them. Pressing ‘1’ could open the level for step 1, ‘2’ the level for step ‘2’ etc. Add the node for input key 2 and then connect it to an ‘open level’ node where you use the level name for step 2. You can copy/paste the blueprints to all levels so you can go back and forth.