House Builder

House Builder is a home improvement design tool.It contains many basic primitives,through simple operations, you can quickly and easily draw a floor plan and generate building meshes by configuration.


  • Draw the walls from a line or a rectangle and automatically generate rooms.
  • Draw a floor plan from a reference drawing.
  • Contains various parametric primitives such as doors,windows,beams,columns,text etc.
  • Configurable decoration styles.
  • Generate or export static meshes on demand.
  • Interactive single door, sliding door.


Hi, this looks really nice!
I have a few questions if you dont mind.

The drawing is a seperate plugin or something? it is not for working on runtime?
Is there a way to draw 2D in UE runtime with vectors?
I am trying to draw in 3d with splines (topdown ortho camera), since I cant find any other way to work, but basic 2d drawing like you have would solve a lot of my problems.

Thanks for your time, and keep up the nice work!