House Blueprint?

Lets say I wanted to make duplicates of a house that I constructed for a level. I’ve considered following the same process as shown in the UE4 level design tutorials, and grouping + copying. But I feel like I’d run into issues if I were to try and make a copy of it in a different level. So is there a way to select multiple objects that you create in a world and turn them into a blueprint? Or if this is my intention, should I be creating the house as a blueprint to begin with? Is there a better way to go about this?


Normally you just have to select the group or all meshes - ctrl + c - open the new level - ctrl + v :slight_smile:

If you wanted to you could make a specific level with these houses that you want to duplicate. And like he said, you can copy/paste into levels easily. I have also kept text files with this setup as well. You can copy a house in the level then open a text file and paste it into the text file. This is something you can save and just call it House_1 or something. Then you can just open the text file when you want to easily use it in a new level. You copy the text and paste in new level.

I missed Prefab.

Correct me, but Grouping are not shown in CB. Only Blueprint & static components, & hence cannot use the migrate features. No biggy but it would be nice (as a time saver) to be able to do so.

At first I think, its no biggy, I just use blueprints (as replacement for Prefab), then I discovered that I cannot add a Blueprint assembly to another blueprint. (say I create door frame using a blue print, & a door assembly using blueprint, I cannot directly add them to blueprint to make a complete door structure).

If someone knows how to do it, let me know, that would be massively helpful.

Now, that’s interesting…Didn’t know you could do that.

Wow, thats awesome. Thanks for the tip!