House At The End

Hey Guys!
I am a newbie developer trying extremely hard to get into the industry, :smiley: .So I got my friends for story and music support and we started our first game its called House at the End. It’s a story driven narration game, perhaps revolving around a regular person and the hardships that force him to take drastic measures to help the people he love. The game is purely puzzle driven and linear. We have almost completed the demo for the main game
This is the teaser of our game

This is the demo level soon to be launched on

More Updates will be coming soon !

Hey Guys!
I am here to share some recent developments in my game. I had to work on another project called Midst of Lost to better myself in game designing and I also had to encounter some personal issues. I have completed some more 3D assets by Sculpting and baking them down for usage in the game

This short world is to serve as a medium in the game. Hope you guys find it interesting :slight_smile:
Link to my blog :

Looks cool! Special effects on the tree are impressive.

Thanks ! :slight_smile: