Houdini to Unreal workflow (FBX File)

Anyone succeed to export FBX from Houdini and import it to Unreal with no problems ?
Currently only export to Maya is working.

I am looking for this too! Just got Houdini and I’m having trouble getting a fractured building animation into UE

Houdini is way too complicated! I need some better n00b tutorials - all the tutorials I’ve watched are over my head! LOL Drop a sop nop rop node and plug in a rop son vop and you’re done… WHAT?? LOL

Woah. Entirely missed this.

@barakooda.com: What kind of issues are you running into? I just whipped together a quick mesh and it imported fine into Unreal 4.7.3.

@GeeksGoneBad: Fracturing things are a bit touchy. There’s a script I’m working on to automate it, but it’s still a bit off. Are you having trouble getting the meshes to stay with the bones properly?

I don’t have any bones LOL do I need them? I just wanted to animate a building collapsing and just kinda bring that animation into UE but I couldnt get it to work and I just couldn’t find any examples of what I wanted to do - so even something like a basic tutorial on exporting the FBX animation would probably work for me

Yep! As far as I know, Unreal doesn’t support vertex cached animations except for morph targets. I remember hearing something about it being in the works, but I could be wrong there :stuck_out_tongue:

For a building collapse that needs to be destroyed consistently every time, it’ll need to be rigged with bones unless someone knows another method. The link below has a sample hip file with a basic animation setup (not a building collapse). As for generating the bones procedurally, some studios have autorig scripts for Maya. I’m working on the same thing for Houdini, but it’s not quite ready for prime time yet. Whenever I finish it, I’ll definitely post it here!


Annnnd I found out that you don’t actually need to use bones. I’m polishing up a script that will take simulations (say a building collapsing) and sets it up so game engines can read it.

Made a separate thread: https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?66771-Houdini-Fracturing-to-Unreal-Engine-4!

Hopefully this helps you :smiley: