Houdini to Unreal VOLUMES

Hi everyone. From what I understand as of yet there is no way of importing VDB’s or volumes into Unreal. I have this live event I am working on and it is suppose to be done with Unreal, in-camera VFX. I am asked to make a some smoke and clouds but I just realized it can not be used in Unreal as a 3D object maybe only as a flipbook. Production wants it to be 3D so camera can show it from different angles. So is there any solution for this or no. And I assume if the answer is “no solution” in terms of importing it, I guess it should be created in Unreal from start to finish?
Any ideas?
Thank you

dude, i got nebula cubemap generate in blender, in blender there is a cube with gas emission.
i found asher.gg got tutorial where he uses 3d texture of a cave and color curves
but if there is a way to either infuse 3d texture volume with cubemap
or export 3d texture from blender. let me know on arcx.space

here is a well working VDB and nano VDB plugin