Houdini To Unreal FBX

I’m new to UE. Love it but have to real problems bringing in geo.

I’m trying to bring in a rigged piece of geometry from Houdini into Unreal.

This is just a test so I kept it simple: a grid (rectangle) with 2 bones, weighted and set to go. They work great in Houdini. When I bring it into Unreal it’s a real mess.

See attached on how it looks in Houdini.

First, I get the “the following bones are missing from the bind pose: chain_bone_2_end_effector”

I select “export end effectors” in Houdini so I really don’t understand why I get that warning (see attached)

The problem is the bones don’t affect the geometry at all (see attached) and it looks like there are 3 bones, instead of 2. (???)

Also, the axis is wrong being that Houdini is Z depth, not height. I could not find an option during the import to set it right. Force Front X axis on the import tab isn’t really for that.

What exactly am I doing wrong? Is there something (some settings) that I need to be aware of in Unreal?

Thank you for the help.