Houdini FX - How to export baked animations to UE4 and how to retarget mocap animations in Houdini

Hello guys. I started using Houdini and i’m really falling in love with the software but i can’t find a way to bake my animations and export them to UE4. Also, i don’t see a way to retarget my mocap animations to my character inside Houdini (so i can edit the animation).

For now, i’m using the autorig tool from Houdini and the TommyExample. I made an animation in the timeline and if i export it to UE4 but i get duplicated root, bones, etc. errors. The thing is that i’m exporting the entire rig and i should only export the baked one but i can’t find a way to bake my animations.

Please, help.

Getting same result UE4.17.2 / HOU16.0.633 with an autorig generated from the Tommy asset (biped preset). If I use the blank preset and build up my own autorig from scratch with a few bones it works. Any documentation on this?