Houdini Engine / uproperty attribute / LandscapeGrassType


Lets say I wanna apply a material with Landscape Grass Type to a heightfield:

Adding the material to the heightfield is straight forward by creating an attribute with unreal_material and the reference path in the string field.
But when I have a LandscapeGrassOutput and a LandscapeLayerSample - how would I use unreal_uproperty attribute to talk to that nodes?

When I check the LandScapeGrassType, I have arrays to add variations.
So my thoughts are that I have to use something like unreal_uproperty_density(2) to comntroll the density of array 2 (or actually 3, starts with zero).
But yet I dont know, how I than could talk to the LandscapeGrassOutput and LandscapeLayerSample in the material.

When creating HF Scatter variations, I can use merge and an attribute with “weight”.

I guess, something like that could be a direction?

Maybe someone has experience in that?

Here are some pictures and thoughts how it could work.

Thank you,