Houdini Engine Assets on the Marketplace ?


Apologies if this is a silly question, as I haven’t got around to testing Houdini Engine quite yet.

My understanding is that the Houdini Engine plugin for UE4 lets you load in and manipulate Houdini Digital Assets that have been created inside of Houdini.

If I was to make some of these assets, would they qualify for sale on the Marketplace?

I’m not 100% sure at this point if the Houdini Engine plugin requires purchasing to READ assets inside of UE4 / Unity.


Actually reading up on this a little more, it appears that Houdini is still required to “cook” the results of any changes you make to assets.

…sooo to answer my own question I don’t think selling Houdini Engine assets is viable on the marketplace

theres a marketplace guidelines section…I seem to remember houdini exporting in fbx which is the preferable format…im commenting though because I watched your vfx reel and its probably the best I have seen

Actually, this is not quite accurate.

Houdini is required to AUTHOR assets, but not to cook them. Houdini Engine is required to load and work with Houdini Digital Assets in UE4. Houdini Engine loads just like any other UE4 plugin, so it should be mostly transparent to you, it would just give you the ability to load and work with Houdini Digital Assets in UE4.

The good news is that a license of Houdini (Full or Indie) also works as a Houdini Engine license, and it works by IP, not instance, so you can have Houdini and UE4 open at the same time, which makes the creation and modification of Houdini Assets and using in Unreal a nice fast iteration loop.