houdini camera import into sequencer


I’m trying to import my camera from Houdini to Unreal, using fbx 2016. FOV and keyframes are read in when I import the fbx on to a Cinematic camera in the sequencer, but the view from the camera does bot match Houdini. I have a heightfield terrain brought in with Houdini Engine. what steps might I be missing?

i tried prescaling and rotating before export from Houdini but have not gotten the camera to match.



is your camera baked in world space? or is it animated with a rig?
I never tried a houdini camera
but with a maya camera, the camera has to be baked out in world space

Thanks for the reply YuuJin. The process ended up involving applying scale transforms to the camera channel data and baking that out. In addition, there were other settings that needed to be applied to match the camera. That answer came courtesy of this thread: Houdini Camera Export to Unreal Engine | Forums | SideFX

Rotation does not need to be done any more but scale does.