Houdini Asset Plugin - Blueprints access / Exposed variables access


I would like to ask you if someone has experiences with Houdini Asset Plugin in UE4. I have recently tried connection between Houdini and UE and it works very good when you have exposed parameters directly in UE. But I didn’t find anything relevant if I want to connect/bind my exposed variables to a blueprints and change them not by me but by some functions. I’ve tried to do some stuff by Cast To made by Houdini but still couldn’t access to my exposed parameters. Houdini plugin allows you to create a new blueprint but it collapse/bake all parameters which is not what I want. I would be happy if the parameters could be changed before game run based on some parameters. It’s not necessary to change them runtime but would be nice.

If you know something how can I access to my variables through blueprints I would be really happy. :slight_smile:

Thank you for any feedback.