Houdini 17 is Awesome

Hey everyone,

            So I’m not on the marketing team for SideFx, but as a Houdini user I’m super thrilled at some of the features they have with their latest roll-out of Houdini 17. One in particular I can’t wait to try is Auto Facial Rigging. I mean that’s just one feature, but there are a ton more. Let me know what you guys think!  Oh and this applies to Houdini Indie licenses as well.

Hello, for Indie Licenses can you confirm if it is possible to export in Fbx the animations to UE4?
Rig , animation, morph like in Maya LT.

Yes you can, here are the Docs on the subject: Houdini Engine for Unreal: Using FBX Files

Oh wow, tools these days! Pretty amazing.

Thanks for the info link but does a video tutorial exist about exporting a rigged and animated Houdini character to UE4 in fbx because the doc is rather complex.

Ill see if I can find a tutorial at some point today or tomorrow. In the meantime, don’t be afraid to make an account on the sidefx forums. People are typically pretty helpful on their. Fast too.

Indeed it looks awsum.

Thanks it will help because exporting a rigged/animated character (biped/ quadruped) from Houdini to Unreal I really want to See that.

Is houdini and its many versions suitable replacements for autodesk maya and modo???.

I’ve been seeing it more as a tool for FX work rather than a modeling tool/complete 3D package.

Has anyone tried getting stuff from Houdini into Unreal with Alembic? When I first heard of UE4 getting Alembic support I got excited to see if someone attempted that, but I don’t own a license to try it myself.

I wonder the same with RealFlow simulations, but I imagine that may be a little intense for a game engine!