Hotline Miami Game Template

Hey guys,
working on a small Hotline Miami alike clone.

The code / project (without the 3D assets because copyright reasons) will probably be open source / free to use later on.

Latest Video:

Latest addition was stage handling & instant reset of the current floor (without reloading the whole level(s)), currently working on the AI.

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You can find the project on my github now:

Still some funky code in it, but yeah.

Physic doors have been added recently. Next step (i hope this weekend) will be knockouts for the AI / other AI stuff.

This is pretty cool.

Dunno how I missed this :slight_smile:

Thanks :smiley:

Some new additions,

Funky bugged doors, not sure why it’s bugging.
Probably a problem with the low FPS and substepping, or high velocity.
(Note: It’s recorded on my old laptop with low settings, and probably ~20fps. So it could be a substepping problem.)

Also some small fixes / additions.


Which UE4 version do you use? I had problems with your Hunting Game Template, because there was an error with the .dll file. Last time I had this error I had the wrong UE4 version.

Hey dude. I tried to open it as you said but it didn’t work. The Unreal editor opens in a blank project.

Hello, does anybody have the source code for this project? The author doesn`t reply. Help!