Hotkey to create a new row and move to it in Data Tables

Basically, I am using DataTables to add new Gameplay Tags into the game. I know I can also use an .ini text file for initial add and it’s faster with the current way things work. BUT, here’s my plea. Unless I missed something I can’t do what I am about to ask for:

I have to manually click on that small + symbol on the left. And then click into the Tag input. At least I can tab twice to get into the dev comment.

I would like to see a simple hotkey to add a new row and to move through the datatable or just automatically go to the new row. I have to tab a bunch of times to finally make my way there if I don’t pass it, and then have to click the box.

So, let’s say: Control & + creates a new row while Arrow Keys let us run around the Datatable/Row Editor fields.

Right now, I can move around in the editor with the ArrowKeys highlighting each window, but would be cool to press Enter/Return and well enter that screen and then I could use Arrow Keys again to run around the DataTable or Row Editor screens/fields.