Hotkey for full-screen blueprint graph in Blueprint Editor

English is not my native language; please excuse any errors on my part.

I can press Tab to quickly show/hide all tools and panels in Photoshop. This is very cool feature. Could you please add something like this into Blueprint Editor? To hide Details panel etc. by one shortcut. Like F11 key for Viewport.

yea, one button full screen for bp would be great, also UE-9771 need to be fixed (F10 doesn’t work when a breakpoint is added to the node)

This would be great!

Fullscreen for any active window would be cool, to be honest

A hotkey to maximize any selected window would be even better (hello after effects), and I’m stumped it’s not in there already.

Yes, it would be better! :slight_smile: But if it is too difficult or will take too long time, please, add full-screen hotkey for Blueprint Graph at least.

Hi everyone,

Thank you for your requests. I have entered in two feature requests: UE-15854 (Open/close all submenus in a sub editor) and UE-15853 (fullscreen sub editor windows) to be taken into consideration.