hotel room

name & location disclosed :slight_smile:

just finished this last week. a big thank to heartlessphil and many other amazing ue4 users for their help & support!

everything in this scene was custom built in 3ds max - texturing in quixel!









nice work! have a version of cleaning post process?

This one gave me an idea for my new project, good job very nice and clean :slight_smile:

Ho did you get your scenes to be so evenly lit? The walls, ceiling and floor have nice even lighting.

Wonderful interior it is having! Inspired me to make mine more attractive.

The interior looks just great . Hey just saying try a rainy background with rain pouring and a dark gray horizon . Will look really more realistic .Your call JVStudebaker

Super cool design, very elegant

Could you render some 360s of this? Id love to take a look in my GearVR.
Thats how I usually review my designs

I wanted to share something cool that I was unaware of. there are 360 degree cameras available that can capture footage . Is that workable with VR set that is the real question I have . Ever seen the vids?

Yes you can use the 360 images in stereo mode with that tutorial.

Thanks for clarifying .

I usually render 360 and make a tour like this

With it takes minutes and looks great on GearVR