Hotel Room ArchViz - My First Project I've Finished

Lots of starts, only one I’ve finished. The scene is actually deeper than just archviz. When you walk around, you’re able to change all the glass objects (shower, barn door, tabletop, and bed headboard) to different decorative options like frosted, etched, printed, or back-painted. You can also open and close the shower and barn door. This is for my work and we will use this with architects and designers for larger hotel brands like W and and Intercontinental.

I’m really not the best with archviz, I’m still learning. I have 3d modeling down, but UE4 is still fresh. But I learned SO much! I can’t wait for the next project. I would love to bundle this and maybe offer this in the marketplace. We’ll see what the response is.

Here is a fly through. Film compiled in After Effects. All models, except for the office chair, materials, and textures by me.


Nice work. Need more shadows I think, and for the lights, I think hotels prefer warm yellow lights to cold white lights. Other than that it’s impressive that you do all the modelling instead of using what’s available on the net.

Modelling is very good. The weak point imo is the illumination. It’s a bit ‘‘glowy’’. Maybe it could be fixed in the post process volume easily.

What is your setup for lighting? Is it baked or dynamic?

Good job man!

For me I good modeling and texturing and shadering makes realism…and lastly is post production.cheers

I don’t know which lighting it is. :frowning: That’s how inexperienced I am with game engines. I’m going to post pics within the hour of my setup and settings.

I went with warmer/yellow lights and it really didin’t mix well with the blue. I may take another look now that I’m at the final stage and see how it blends in. I totally agree that it needs more shadows

Check out the album of settings and set up here!

Updated the main window light. Lowered it’s power and adjusted the lightmass settings to a higher quality.


Thanks! I’ll take a look and do some experimenting!

Try to experinment with a simple scene like this to faster get the result. Lighting setup is just need to get right number of Intensity.

Yes JOhn the reason why it lacks shadows is probably because you have too much light (especially with indirect lighting intensity of sun/sky at 3) in that tiny room. A sun and and skylight should be enough, you don’t need the exterior spotlight aiming at the window, especially when you have interior lights turned on as well!!! Basically the scene is way overlit.

Make sure you also use static sky/sun. It usually look better that way unless you really need to change the intensity in real-time. Baked lighting always look more realistic.

Okay. After 2 days, this is the best I can get it. If anyone can help get it perfect. Let me know.
Heres the screen cap:

Look much better already! :slight_smile:

edit: I think with window that big, the window side should be much brighter, no?

Looks better. I think the way to light a room like that is with a bluish sky light and a warmer sun streaming in and hitting the floor as an example. The bedspread needs some texture (fabric) and I would use point lights for the lamps hovering above the lamps not inside the shades in addition to the light you have (it looks very CG now), those can be incandescent color, slightly warm.


nice job there Ri3dviz!

I’m getting there, thanks to people like you. :smiley:

Here is the lighting setup for the OP if it helps.


I don’t know what’s up. With skylight and point light with default settings, the room is so dark. So I basically lit it with the lamps and then just filled it in with a skylight.

There is a texture if you’re close. I’ll work on it so maybe it will have wrinkles or something.

I think so to but I didn’t put a direct light in. I think I will.