Hotel Room ArchViz Asset Package & Scene WIP

Hey! So I see a lot of kitchens, empty houses, and concrete structures, but not standard hotel suites. At my job here in Atlanta, we make glass products for hotels around the world like showers and doors and stuff, and instead of taking pictures of all of it, I just modeled everything and rendered them in 3ds max cause it looks better and I can pretty much do anything I want. So I unwrapped everything and threw it into Unreal. Yay!

Now I’m thinking I can actually make this and release a hotel asset package because there currently isn’t anything like this in the marketplace, hotel room design is huge and could help some people save time, PLUS these architectural glass products are exactly perfect down to the measurements. I literally measured every part with calipers as I modeled them.

To go with this asset package and for my own sanity, I really want to make a great hotel scene. The blueprints, I have pretty much down, just not implemented yet. What I DO have a problem with and always have had a problem with for the last 6 years with Unreal is lighting and post process. For 4 days I have been working on this and this is as far as I can take it. Please help.

The materials will be redone. All of them. The blanket will be redone. Aside from that, I’m very happy. I need to make a shower faucet, a toilet, and a office chair.

What do you think? Suggestions? Requests? Tips?

Looking good.

First off, slow down the camera moves! The bedside lamps don’t look good with the lights you have, such a sharp line on the shade - soften that up. I suggest using light just like the real world if you haven’t already. Get your sky and sun to do the heavy lifting then fill it in with your light fixtures. Get rid of the ambient occlusion too, or at least minimize it.

Thank you for the reply. The camera movement was just me walking around in director mode. I haven’t set up any cameras yet. This isn’t for just cenematics but to actually play. I just need a archiz level of graphics. I totally agree that the sun and skylight to do the most. U got it pretty good for sure. As for the AO I have none on. That’s my big issue and everything looks dirty. I know my UV maps are good. Also have light maps at 128. Not a clean crisp look. :frowning:

Took a look at my post process volume and learned that even if you don’t have AO turned on, it’s on. You have to turn it on and lower everything to zero to turn it off. Even if world settings’ AO is turned off…Anyway, tweaked the settings and now re-building. We’ll see and I’ll post screen shots.

Are you sure your window is in scale? The sill looks really low.

Yeah. It’s like 2 or 2.25 feet off the ground. I measured a window at Intercontinental here in Atlanta during thingy. That is their window. I think I could make it wider and have the curtain box sit flush along the top. That’d make it look better maybe.
Here is my window in my living room. Kinda the same thing. I have 9 or 10 foot ceilings.


A pack for fixtures and all could be nice but only if very optimized for Unreal I think. There are sites like yepsketch that offer A LOT of free HQ stuff for stuff like fixtures, appliances, etc.

By the way, for such a small room, don’t be afraid to jack up lightmaps res up to 1024, even 2048 for the most important parts like walls, floor. etc.

Thanks. I just boosted the big parts and now letting it build. I’ll post some screen shots here in a second.

Here we are. I worked on the skylight and light source. Skylight I have Intensity:1 and Indirect:3 for the light source (sunlight) I have Intensity:5 and Indirect:3. In Post Volume I have Indirect Intensity set to 2. I have turned off all AO. Set everything to 0 just to see if I could get rid of that “dirty” look. Boosted walls, floors, and ceilings to 1024.


Yes please release this, any guess on an ETA in the marketplace?

I never submitted it but was going to put it on my site with PayPal. Just easier than going through all the marketplace stuff.