Hotel problem

I am just starting, and I come from areas of programming where you try and reuse all designs.

Want is the best way to may a hotel room, then copy it a lot of time.

would I would like is each room to have its own stat, but when I update the design for the basic model of the room, all the rooms get updated and keep there current stat, they had before.

then the next problem is, I would a root design for a room, but there a many types of the root room, (i.e all the rooms are the same size, have the doors and windows in the same place, but some have 1 bed and some have 2 rooms)


Use Blueprints, you can then customize and reuse it

Yes BP is the solution . I narrow down Ur search U can use construction script for creating corridors and rooms

If you also use blueprint interfaces, you can configure the rooms from one contral place.
I used that for my memor game to configure the spawned cards…
Its kind of similar to hotel rooms :slight_smile:

However, keep in mind that, blueprints or not, you still cant fit all of Hilbert’s guests :stuck_out_tongue:’s_paradox_of_the_Grand_Hotel