Hot to make Cyberpunk camera?

Hey guys , i am currently working on my first commercial game , and i got a “small” issue , which stuck me for about a week. What i want is First Person camera , but not standard FP without hands and body which UE4 provides . I want legs, body ,hands to be seen to the player , and i achieved it .However the issue is that the camera attached to the character’s head bone is shakes since the character animation is made like that . I want the camera to be static no matter you walking,sprinting or jumping without any kind of shakes . Like cyberpunk and many other games does .how to do that , do i need to create a specific animations or there are more interesting solutions?
My camera currently looking exactly like this :
it shakes a bit and it’s annoying

  1. Attach the camera to the Capsule instead of the animated mesh.
  2. Reduce head movement in all animations.
  3. Create custom socket on the skeletal mesh (root parent), attach camera to it.