Hot to make collision box to overlap player character?

Hello, i have collision box, it’s pretty huge and character appears inside it. How to make collision box to overlap player charater? // i set it to overlap any pawn - so it’s overlapping any pawn and creatures, but not player character // i set it to overlap completely everything, and it’s overlapping everything like hell, but again - not player character =\

i tried to cast, to make “other actor = player character”., even to array any character it overlapping and to find there player character, but it just there was not… “isOverlapping” node also showing “false”

i also can try to use some weird solution, like “scale-collision-box -to-zero-and-when-player-character-would-be-in-the-world-lerp-it-to-normal-size-and -then-the-border-of-collision-would-overlap-char”, but just want to find how to make it normal, and not through the *** :slight_smile:

“EventActorBeginOverlap” inside actor where collision box is also ignoring player character., it overlapping everything, but not player

Box collision settings:

thats ok, ll found it

nope, just checked

Alternatively I guess you could have used an explicit IsOverlappingActor or IsOverlappingComponent in your BeginPlay. Your solution is simpler anyway.

If you mean that the character spawns already in the trigger box, and you want the overlap event to fire from the start, you need to check the Generate Overlap Event During Level Streaming box under the trigger box collision settings.