Hot to get outline working in Html5

i have a specific material to outline the objects the player looks at. This material is added to the PostProcessVolume and works fine in the editor itself. Now if i launch my project as html5 the outline does not work anymore and the objects dont get outlined. Do i have to change some settings in the material itself to get it to work in the browserversion or is there something else i need to do in order to get the outline?

It is possible that the shader is using some kind of technique that is not available to HTML5. Try updating to UE 4.17 and make sure you are deploying to WebGL 2, which adds better shader support. Also, try checking out the browser page console for any errors that might be visible there, perhaps those can give a clue? Do you know if the outline works on Android GLES 3 mobile quality level? WebGL 2 is roughly the same.