Hot to get a publishing License for UDK?

Hello guys,

I’m home creating and teacher. I use UDK because my PC doesn’t support UE4.

But I can’t know how to get a publishing and sell License for my creations on UDK. And The email that Epic Games give to us about License doesn’t Works.

Someone knows How can I get this License or some contact that I can get this information?

You used to have to pay 90 bucks , it is all I remember …

Try one of these 2 emails

Kristen was the one that aided me in purchasing the license(the ue4 license but for udk) and bought were equally helpful if I remember correctly.No idea from where I got those emails though as it was a few years ago.
Hope it helps

If @O_and_N’s email addresses don’t work, try filling out the form at Other licensing options - Unreal Engine. Someone will help you out.