Hot reloading with VS Code


is there a way to get hot reloading working with visual studio code on Linux?

Hot reloading works perfectly fine if I compile from the editor but nothing happens if I compile from vscode. I’m using the “[ProjectName]Editor Linux Development Build” build command.

Here are the step to reproduce the problem:

  1. Configure visual studio code as the default source code editor in the editor preferences
  2. Generate the project files via the File menu
  3. Open visual studio code via the File menu
  4. Hit ctrl+shift+b then select [ProjectName]Editor Linux Development Build
  5. Wait for the build to end
  6. No mention to hot reload in the editor’s output log and the code changes are not reflected if I start the game

I have same problem. I found some decidion. If i run UE Editor from VS Code (ProjectNameEditor Mac Development Build) and after build project UE Editor pushed “hot reload compile”

In case if anyone else tries to fix live coding breaking vs code debugger and got here from google, you have to add "requireExactSource": false to your launch.json