Hot Reloading - Functions disappearing until editor restart?

I’m just starting with c++ in UE4, so I may be doing this wrong. I’ve created a class and added a few properties and BlueprintCallable functions, and they all work perfectly. I have a JumpImpulse function that I can call from Blueprints, and it makes my pawn jump just fine. In short, my functions work.

The problem comes if I build my class again while the editor is running. I get a “Hot reload complete” in the editor, but now when I try to bring up the context menu for my class, all of my c++ functions are gone. I noticed this when trying to add a new function to see if hot reload was capable of adding new functions. Is this a bug, or a feature? Am I supposed to restart the editor every time I add a new function to a C++ class?

I’m getting this, too. I’m pretty sure it’s a bug. The Blueprint right-click menu is actually losing all my Blueprintable C++ functions when I hot reload, even functions that already existed that I didn’t touch at all.

Epic, is this being tracked yet? Thanks!

BTW, I found a similar question with a sort of answer here:

Same problem. I followed tutorial:
I cannot see my declared UFunction in blueprint unless I restart Unreal editor. I’m using 4.7.5 version.

Bug is confirmed here: 4.7.2 Exposing function to blueprints - Blueprint - Unreal Engine Forums