Hot Reload. How to use?

Now before everyone trys to rip me a new one for posting a question similar to 10 others on the answer hub, I have read them all and I still cannot figure out how to get Hot reload to function.

I am using Visual Studio 2013, My Game is the startup project, I am using a prebuilt version of the engine downloaded through the Unreal Engine Launcher ver[4.7 preview 3].

My Game is the same as the C++ Side scrolling 3D template.

All i am trying to do is change the following in my *Character.cpp

GetCharacterMovement()->bOrientRotationToMovement → true;

I am using this to test hotreload by toggling the boolean. I am in DebugGame Editor for Win64. I have opened the Editor with the -debug flag.

I start off with a recompile of my game, It says in the console [Compiling game modules for hot reload] looks good to me. I then make the boolean change from above. The debugger is not attached at this point, I invoke a build[even a rebuild] either in VS or the editor and it doesnt change the value…

Am I missing something?

Are there some steps i should be taking to get this to work correctly?

Thank you

This was seemingly a bug in this preview version, Hot reload now functions correctly in 4.8 up