Hot Reaload

Well, as the title sais, how to use the Hot Reload feature? Doesn’t seem to work at mine. Using VS2013 express.

Ok, obviously I was too blind to see the compile button in teh middle of the toolbar…
However, the weird thing is that, whenever I compile the code, I have to delete the actor which code I modified, and place it again, to get the changes working. Is there any way to fix this?

By the way Cube2222,

it is so very nice to have you with us in the UE4 community now,

you really took care of the UE3 community while we were gone!


Thank you :slight_smile: , I was trying to do my best. Well, I was waiting so long for ue4 that I got it right when it was available. I hope to see many awesome tutorials about ue4 from you soon :slight_smile:

If you added any functions or variables, a hot reload will not be enough for it to work properly, you will have to close the editor, compile, and reopen it.

Well, that isn’t my problem. My problem is like this:

  1. I place my class into the scene.
  2. I change a variable via code in that class, and use hot reload.
  3. I add another class to the level.
  4. I start the game.
  5. The old class still sues the old variable, the new one uses the new one.

Ok, now i noticed, that the constructor of the object is called, when it get’s palced in the level, not when the game starts. So I just had to move my code to the begin paly function.

Objects are instantiated, but not “run” a number of times in the flow of development. Each object is queried to see what the default values of the UProperty properties of your class. You will also see your gamemodes and other classes instantiated when the editor loads up.