Hot make a floating pawn orbit around character?

Hi there,

I want to add a floating pawn to my character like what is in this gif. Can anyone please help me with the approach?
I think maybe I can use FloatingPawnMovement and a magnet force to make it orbit around my character. But I didn’t found any resource for this anywhere.

To keep the question up!

It’s not really “orbiting” per se, just following the character and hovering nearby. This is basic AI follow character with some tolerance for proximity set. This AI will check continuously or maybe more performant when it loses “overlap” with the player from a collision sphere or something it will find player’s new location and Lerp towards it until within the desired range then stop.

Oh, I’m used to animation world so I didn’t think about AI. Thanks

Nebula Games Inc’s solution is how a grown up would do it. If you need finer control over the movement, then that would be the way to go.

If you require something simple, a Springarm (absolute rotation) with lag enabled and a glowy ball at its end might just do the trick:

Image from Gyazo

Taking into account that it took less to set up than to write this message, it’s not a bad result, and can still be improved by adding simple offset logic combined with variable springarm lag speed based on the player’s action.

tl;dr - needs some tinkering to make it look better

Hi @Everyone. That’s great man, thanks for answer. I need something like this but I also want to command the sphere to move to a certain location and do something and come back to character. So I guess I should go with AI. Unfortunately YouTube is full of walking AI setup and not a good floating AI.

You’ll need a proper tool for the job, that’s for sure.

Again, all depends on complexity.

Image from Gyazo

Good luck!

Wow. I really appreciate your time @Everyone. It’s a handy blueprint for me. I added another layer of hovering movement on top of follow move, to look a little more dynamic. Also your Fetch system is really cool. I never used Ease for this kind of movements.

That’s a cool system. Glad you guys figured it out.