Hot do I get my First Person Character to lock on to an actor?

I have a sphere in my player BP that triggers or overlaps only enemies.I want to press a button and have the camera lock on to this enemy…How exactly would I lock the camera to that enemy??

I feel like there is a simple way to do this…
Setting the control rotation to ALWAYS face an enemy I wouldn’t figure to be to hard but im not EXACTLY sure about the blueprint network. Anyone have any idea???

Well what you need is to set the rotation of your camera (and character) toward that enemy.

You can get the vector between your character and the enemy by subtracting your location vector from the enemy location. Then there should be a node called “Rotation” or similar for that vector which will provide you with a rotator which looks in the direction the vector was pointing to (so toward the enemy). Feed that to your camera as new rotation and voila.

I hope this helps.


If I’m in my player BP how do I get the location of the enemy BP??

You have a sphere which triggers on overlaps. That’s an event providing an “other actor”. Cast it to your enemy and use that.

There is a node called “find look at rotation” which is designed exactly to solve this problem. Just right click and type its name, it’s pretty self explanatory. Then all you have to do is to set your controller or camera rotation to that value.

Sorry. I was just having trouble pulling the enemy location into eh character BP.
I think the other actor thing may work. And then get its location that way and then yes I’ll use that node to create the effect. HOPEFULLY!