Hosting Unreal game on Azure MS2016 Server

Hello, a colleague of mine recommended Microsoft Azure as a hosting platform for my game.
I signed up for the Azure free trial, copied my win64 build of the game to the Azure account’s MicroSoft Server 2016 virtual machine, and tried to run it, but the .exe pops an error saying “DX11 level 10.0 required to run this engine.”

I talked to Microsoft tech support and they said I had to use an older version of DirectX, as MS2016 Server comes with DX12, so they recommended installing an older virtual machine instead that only goes up to DX11.

I thought it was weird that Unreal wouldn’t work if the DirectX version is more than 11, especially with UE 4.17

Anyone know what’s going on here?

I know this question is really old, but the issue seems to be that you are attempting to run a client build as a server. You need to build the dedicated server for the target game and deploy that instead, but it also requires that the UE4 prerequisites be installed.

Yeah I was hoping I could get around that huge hassle by just running a listen server. No such luck I guess.