Hosting Boss Key Productions' "Boss Room" - Friday, March 27th 5PM ET

Hello fellow Unreal developers!

We have a special Twitch event on the horizon made possible with technology! On Friday, March 27th we’re hosting the “Boss Room” livestream from our good friends over at Boss Key Productions via our Unreal Engine Twitch Channel. Tune in at 5PM ET to hear about their experiences with UE4 including perspectives from all departments, discussion about the art implementation for the Project BlueStreak teaser video shown at PAX, and more!

Stay tuned for more info, and find out more about Project BlueStreak at Boss Key Productions’ website

Very interesting! Looking forward to giving this a watch!

If only there was a way to automatically add these kind of events into a Google schedule or something… :wink:

CliffyB comes home! Great to see he chose UE4 for the project too. Should be an interesting stream :slight_smile:

Nice!!! I love how on their team page, it says… “Like the MegaZord, but totally real” haha. I just realized Rohan Rivas from GT is now over there. That’s awesome and glad he got on his feet quickly after the whole Defy Acquisition. Almost guaranteed Cliffy will make the stream :wink:

First Ryan on the support stream, now old boy Cliff on the engine stream… swag!

very nice teaser, will definitely try to catch this stream!

Hi there,

Please , someone can give the countdown ? I am lost , From French , in 5h we will change time again +1h


its in about 15 minutes

Thank you so much CNKIT , argh , i am downloading Maya LT 2016 :frowning: , it’s take a will with me , so i will wait YouTube video , thank

you can bookmark this, it might help you keep up with the time of the streams:

cya there :wink:

I did , in my favories , thank you ayretek