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Wooden Storage Pack
Spline-Enabled Fence Pack
Destructible Road Signs
Zipline/Teleporter/Jump Pad

Our Destructible Road Signs have released and are now available on the marketplace! Here you can find the documentation on the Destructible Matrix Editor. Using that documentation, you can set up the destructible to behave exactly how you want (I have set up default settings already and you can tweak those). According to EPIC’s Tim Hobson one of the variables in the destructible editor’s matrix, ImpactResistance, does not work in version 4.7 and is resolved with the 4.8 version.

If you have any questions please feel free to post here or email

Just want to let everyone know that our Spline-Enabled Fence Pack is currently featured on the Marketplace Launcher as an EPIC Staff Pick. Check it out and purchase with confidence.

I have had this for awhile(spline fences)… I just tried using recently though. It LOOKS great and it the theory around the spline enabled stuff is really cool. But I had quite a bit of trouble with it. So much so I just removed it from my project and didnt use a fence at all unfortunately. I found that unless the fence is 100% straight. the poles and fencing doesnt line up. even if you rotate it ahead of time. They split apart which makes it unusable really. If you want a fence on bend its not doable. If you want a mile long fence you can do that. But as soon as you try to move one end a little bit to line it up the rest of the fence (like the chainlinks) stay where the previous position was. So I would have to make a bunch of tiny fences in which case I could just use a static mesh a million times defeating the spliney-ness of it.

Unless im just doing something wrong with it, which is possible based on other users successful time with it… which is why I haven’t asked for a refund on it…

it’s not that useful for me unfortunately.

Also when working with it you tend to get an annoying song stuck in your head, “splines, splines, Everywhere there’s splines. Blocking out the scenery. Breaking my mind. Do this! Don’t do that! Can’t you see the spliiiineess?” Not the creators fault, this happens with other spline enabled assets, just be warned :stuck_out_tongue:

Apologies for the late response. Sometimes I miss this thread when it gets buried over a weekend. Please try to use the support email if possible in the future! I am glad to hear you are happy with how it looks. Not so glad to hear you are having some issues.

As far as your issue goes, could you send a screenshot to show me what happens when you attempt to rotate the asset? You should make sure you are rotating the asset and not the spline points. This changes the tangent at that spline point and can cause some issues.

Generally, fencing is more or less a collection of long straight lines that you connect together as seen in the videos on HostileAsset’s YouTube Channel. It was initially designed this way to best use the current implementation of the spline tool in UE4.4 and reduce triangles. As far as the spliney-ness of the asset I most certainly can agree with you that it doesn’t quite use it to its full potential. I utilized the splines to give that extra modularity to it along with the ability to use the spline points as placement to line up the fence poles/posts exactly how the designer wanted them. This would make sure the designer could fit it into spaces they needed instead of having many static meshes of varying lengths that would never just fit right.

I apologize it hasn’t been exactly what you were looking for. Based on your feedback and some others who wanted to see some more spliney-ness modularity out of the asset and were okay with the few extra triangles I have an update coming within two weeks for 4.9.2

It gives the designer the ability to move each individual spline point and eliminates the need to duplicate and rotate the asset to make them line up. It is a big improvement over the initial setup I had. Unfortunately sales haven’t been spectacular as of late so I have been slow to introduce this additional content. It has been a huge endeavor reworking the entire system for 3 separate blueprints. With that said, I thought it would benefit current customers enough that I stated work on it about a month ago. As I said earlier, I expect it to be released in approximately two weeks time. I hope you download the update then and it can better suit your needs! Thank you for your support!

That error seems somewhat unrelated to the specific asset. Could you detail your debug steps in how you determined the fences were causing an issue? Which fence asset exactly (industrial, wooden, or metal)? When you say you did some ‘hacking of the editor’ and it revealed the source of the problem could you please explain this process?

What engine version are you currently using? The latest asset is version 4.8 and if you are using 4.9 or higher I know there are some depreciated nodes that must be replaced. This was my initial thought when I saw your post, but you mentioned that you didn’t do any debugging in the actual blueprint so I don’t think that can be the case then. By the sounds of it, it isn’t every fence but a couple in a lot of fencing that is causing the issue. Could you provide some screenshots and your debugging process so I can try to make sure we can resolve the issue you are having?

Thank you in advance!

The asset that is giving me trouble is the industrial fencing. I have not tried the others to see if they suffer from the same issue. The editor hack is to have the engine iterate through all of the actors and components and call GetNumUncachedStaticLightingInteractions() checking for a return value greater than 0.

The level which is having troubles has about 90 fences in it. This is due to the auto pole spacing not placing the barbed wire supports on top of the poles except for the first and last pole.

Four of the placed fences are having problems. The hack reports that each of the problem segments have multiple spline components which failed to build lighting. Deleting the segment allows the build to complete without error.

The fences look normal in screen shots.

This is what the hack is reporting when a fence segment goes bad:

Finding actors which need lighting rebuild…
There are 0 lighting unbuilt actors
Checked 1306 actors for lighting.

Finding components which need lighting rebuild…
Object Name: SplineMeshComponent_913
Object Owner: IndustrialFence_Spline63_1923
Num Interactions: 1

Object Name: SplineMeshComponent_1581
Object Owner: IndustrialFence_Spline63_1923
Num Interactions: 1

Object Name: SplineMeshComponent_1580
Object Owner: IndustrialFence_Spline63_1923
Num Interactions: 1

Object Name: SplineMeshComponent_913
Object Owner: IndustrialFence_Spline63_1923
Num Interactions: 1

Object Name: SplineMeshComponent_1581
Object Owner: IndustrialFence_Spline63_1923
Num Interactions: 1

Object Name: SplineMeshComponent_1580
Object Owner: IndustrialFence_Spline63_1923
Num Interactions: 1

Checked 5219 object components for lighting.

I’m a little confused why there seems to be duplicate components for the same actor. For example, why is the more than one “SplineMeshComponent_1580”? This might be a clue, especially if the issue is duplicate components overlapping each other and preventing the lighting to build. Or it could be a red herring from the engine.

This is another minor bug:

In this bug, the segment has the post turned off, but the support is still there which causes a duplicate support to be added. I offset the segment to reveal the double support.

FYI: This is running on UE4 v4.10 which has it’s own set of gremlins including some bad behavior with shadows. So the lighting issue may be a problem with the engine itself.

This is an example of what happens when you try to bend the spline and use the auto pole spacing. Notice also that the wire supports are missing on the middle two poles:

Hey Osok, thanks for the reply. I should have emailed you directly, I usually do that in cases like this but the reason I didnt was because in the reviews on the comments section of the marketplace someone had already commented on this and I believe you replied that it was by design, similar to what you posted up there so if that was the case I was more just leaving a review for it. So the main issue I had is the one that Whammy posted in this pic below here. Yes I’m sure I wasn’t rotating the spline. I was rotating the entire fence. Just drag a fence BP out into the world. Rotate it in a random direction then click one of the splines and try extending the fence. It won’t work out so well for you. You get the fencing seperating from the posts, similar to what happens when trying to bend the fence.

I understand about the sales not being up there and the support sorta following suit. Hence I didnt really push it, but to be really honest, I wouldn’t need or ask for any support if it worked as I expected it to right away. Like I expected basic function to be able to make fences along splines. This means bending fences… not all fences in the world are 90 degree angles some arch and bend but It also means starting point of fences could be on random angles. I would consider that basic functionality for this product when working with splines so I was a bit surprised it didnt launch on the market with that already in place you know what I mean? Thats all =)

Thank you for reporting this bug. I have nailed down the culprit of this and it will be in the update.

Thank you for detailing your process for me. I’m thinking this could be related to v4.10 paired along with the bug you posted below. I’ll be certain to update this asset in a more timely fashion when 4.10 rolls around. It seems to be related to the one below:

Thanks again for reporting these and this one in particular. I have been able to reproduce it and I found the duplicate spawn in the blueprint. Hopefully this fixes the lighting issue.

I appreciate it, and I understand your reasoning on that.

This isn’t so much a bug but was more by design. As I detailed above, it seemed like the best solution back in 4.4 when splines weren’t nearly as accessible as they are now.

I tried to make sure it was clear in the youtube videos showing how it worked that the fences would not bend along the spline like a road tool would because metal bars on fences are straight and not curved. The videos lack audio which was a mistake on my part and should have explained it better. In the update I will provide a new video with commentary to explain it a bit better.

Not all the fences must be at 90 degree angles. You can duplicate the fence and then rotate the asset to 1 degree, 5 degrees, 120 degrees. Whatever you want and connect them together. You aren’t required to have sharp corners; you just have to duplicate more of the asset.

As I have learned and a few have given feedback I have decided that I need to change this to make better use of the splines and give a lot more flexibility to the designer. This will be in the update.

As you can see above I have got the majority of the base code working with this new functionality but need to make sure I get everything working including some of the bug fixes listed above. This includes a close loop function that will dramatically decrease the number of fence blueprints needed to create the exact shape of fence the designer wants. I hope this is more what you were expecting and I hope you come back to try the update out in approximately 2 weeks (hopefully sooner).

Thank you!

Please read the reply above to thankstipcom to see how I have changed the core functionality to eliminate this issue. Thank you!

I think you understand my issues with it. Maybe there are work arounds for some of them. Not the bending though. I’ll def check out the update. I’m not in a major rush for it so don’t hurt yourself getting it out (for me at least) but I’ll definitely use it if it works more towards how I want to use them.

Here’s a quick example showing the few issues I had with it.

I appreciate you making that video. I definitely pictured how people would use them to be different. A bit of an oversight on my part to say the least. New update will definitely allow you to use them how you tried in the video. Thanks again.

Quick update:

I was aiming for having this update out this week. With 4.10 coming soon the update will be paired with that release to give me some more time to implement some other improvements to the fencing system.

Cross posting from the 4.9/4.10 asset update request thread:

With the release of 4.10 today I have emailed in to EPIC 4.10 updates for the Wooden Storage Pack, Destructible Road Signs, Spline-Enabled Fence Pack, and the Zipline/Teleporter/Jump Pad. I am having some weird issues with specific attachments (double/slanted barbwire) on the fences such as the barbwire doing some stretching and twisting with this new implementation on a single spline. I’ve been working on fixing this throughout the 4.10 Preview Builds and have not come to a solution yet (getting closer each day). I have not sent in my newest implementation and the fences are still using the older technique until a solution for this weirdness is found.

Has the Spline-Enabled Fence Pack been fully updated for 4.10? I dont recall seeing any pending updates for this on my launcher in quite some time.

I didn’t get notifications too, but when I added it to a new 4.10 project, it downloaded a new version, before adding it to the project.