Hosted game through Steam in 7777 port in different country

I use now 4.24.3 version. I have finished multiplayer game and I have weird connection problem.
I use it through Steam, game can be hosted and port is standard Steam 7777.
I see that game create connection on 7777 correctly. In my contry I can connect between 2 ISP. All looks OK.

But if I want hosted game for somebody from different country, or I want joint to game in different country, then I cant.

If I send game to testers in UK then they dont have problem and they can play multiplayer in hosted game correctly. But still in their country.
They cant connect to me.

Can Anybody help me where is problem with connection through Steam betwen different country?

(BTW: I have all ports forwarded, no problem with firewalls)

I have the same problem. My mates in the UK can all connect to each other and play, but no sessions show up for me when I try to join them from Aus. I can connected to other Australian sessions, but not my friends in the UK. I use the Advanced Sessions plugin if that’s relevant.

Its long time when I solved this problem :slight_smile:
Problem is only in Steam. Testing 480 app ID is limited between countries.
You need upload your game on steamworks with your app ID and run game normally through Steam. You can generate game keys and give keys to your friends/testers. Game dont need be released, just uploaded on Steam.
Then you will can connect into hosted game in each country :wink: