Host player can't move if another player connects to their server

Hey UE4 devs! First post on here so I apologize ahead of time for breaking any rules, but lets get straight to it.

I have been following this amazing multiplayer guide made by Epic, I finished the project up until the end of this video.

I figured I would run a test of the project between myself and some friends on another network. It worked perfectly, however the only problem being is that whenever a player joins the game, the host camera becomes completely locked, and movement restricted. The host can still see the other players moving around, so its not frozen either. This glitch is replicated every time.

If anyone has has this happened and found a fix I’d love to hear it! Or if anyone would like to see my blueprints I can post them.

Thank you for the help! :slight_smile:

Still trying to figure this one out :slight_smile:

Still have not figured this one out, I will update here if I do.

Check on the respawn function, i had a similar problem…Yes 6 years later but it’s nerver too late.

Any updates or fixes to this? I am having the exact same problem, no idea why it’s not working. I suspect it has to do with the host “losing” its player controller or something like that, as all input ceases although the game continues to run

Ran into the same issue. I disabled auto posses on the default pawn and it fixed it. Lemme know if that works for ya

Something worked for me, I’ve added a mapping context in the Event Possessed of the pawn used:


Some heroes don’t wear capes. <3