Host Migration

Hi guys,

So I’ve looked pretty much everywhere and haven’t figured this one out yet. My project uses Steam Subsystem and player hosting. Matches are pretty simple and the game is mostly finished, but when a host leaves the game it ruins the experience for other players. I need to find a way to select a new host and have everyone else reconnect to that player.

So far the only option I’ve found is storing a “backup” host on each client locally with the second best ping in case the initial host quits/disconnects. This seems like a reasonable workaround except that I cannot figure out how that new host would pull each of the remaining clients back into his new game after he created a new session. The issue is getting that specific blueprint session data to each clients so that they know which session to join.

Any ideas help, meanwhile I’m playing around with Advanced Sessions and trying to see if there’s anyway to store a secret key or something to help find the back up host’s session, so far my game crashes every time I try to have a backup host create a new session on Event NetworkError…

I’d take the top two and make them both the primary and secondary hosts. If the primary goes down, the secondary picks up, becomes the new primary, and then determine the new secondary host.

Might not be the most efficient, but I’m not a network engineer. Depends on the game though I suppose. You don’t want all clients to be recording the data because then that makes it easier to hack.