Host/Join session

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I asked this already with no luck.

I followed every youtube video,twitch livestream ( Multiplayer Shootout) and I had no luck with Host and join session.Hosting is working,searching is working but joining is not. Please help :slight_smile:

Here is my blueprint:

Player controller : ,

GameInstance :

Menu widget : ,

*ini.file :

And I found this lines in log files :

GetHostByName failed (SE_NO_DATA)

LogOnline:Warning: NULL: Invalid session info for session Game in GetResolvedConnectString()

LogOnline:Warning: NULL: Can’t start an online game for session (Game) that hasn’t been created

Edit: AnswerHub link

Check out the Multiplayer Shootout example Project by Epic in the learn tab.

It will show you correct methods for Hosting/Joining game sessions with the OSS in Blueprint.

Join session also doesn’t work for me in multiplayer shootout .

Sorry i must have missed reading that part haha.

No problem haha :slight_smile:

There does seem to be a few bugs that have been reported for the Multiplayer Shootout project, not sure if they are related to your issue.

Check out that answer and see if this workaround helps you at all.

Thanks I will take a look.

I cant get this to work.Any ideas?

I answered you again on your HUB question.

The problem here is: Multiplayer Shootout should work, but if not, then it could be a bug in the project.

To get away from bugs that are caused through the project, i told you to create the most basic multiplayer
setup available and you said that this still isn’t working.

So i have the feeling that something is not right with your PC, because at least the basic “Host and Join” thing
MUST work.

Try out the test project i told you (with H and J) with the additional information i added.
Maybe the

Is missing in the test project.

EDIT: Also make sure that you try to create a server with the original server and join with the original client.
Because in the Editor, if you start with 2 or more Players, they will directly have a network connection.
I had problems in the past when i wanted to let the Client create a server and the Server join it.

I posted a video on the

Just FYI I’d be much more willing to watch the video if it was hosted on a video streaming site than having to download some app ‘megasync’ to download and watch it.

edit: nevermind i just found the link to ‘download through browser’

edit2: video doesn’t play on my mac. Can you just upload it to youtube?

I dont have youtube channel.

Edit: I have old youtube channel,I will upload it there.

Youtube video :

Which of the 2 “Failed” is the one that gets called? The first one for the Session search or the one for joining?
Did you put the additional

into the GameEngine.ini ?

Right one get “Failed”.Find session works but join session doesnt work.

Yes I did.

btw thanks for helping me :slight_smile:

I had similar problem with 4.7

Can you rar the fresh project and send it to us? So i can check if this project really doesn’t work? Also add the rar file to the AnswerHUB, so that the Staff guys can
help you. Because i can’t recreate it. It is working for me if i do what i told you.

Ok just a sec.
Edit: you mean project with basic setup?

Project download link :

I only removed the “OpenLevel” because somehow the Map is bugged for me. I guess you removed something when stripping it down.
But this is only related to “Hosting” and you have a bug with “joining” so i guess this is not important (you could try to remove the open if you want to make sure)
But the joining and hosting works for me:

Sadly i have no idea why it is not working for you. Please open a BUG Report on the AnswerHUB with the information you got from me.
Repack the project you have sent to me and make sure you only delete not important files and put that package to the Bug Report.

Although i think that this is related to your PC, i think you could still put this into the BugReport section. Mayb the staff can help you (:

Thank you for helping me :slight_smile:

I found “Advanced session plugin” maybe will work with that plugin.(I hope it will)