HorusHeretic's showy stuff

Hey there mortals. I thought I’d like to show of a (currently) very small part of a large network of a blueprint coding base project that I am working on so I can just get right down to making any type of game I want and never worry about code (as fun as BP is.) This also serves to help me learn more about coding in general, something i was always interested in, but have always had problems learning through reading and writing. I like to see how things work.

Starting with some common elements that will usually get expanded and improved upon, I built a rough framework using structs to hold some “ideas” that may be used a lot later on, and some of course will be thrown out the window or changed based on how the engine works.

Now with the showy things!

Weapons! Everyone needs weapons.

Sooooooo. This weapon system is designed to have a lot of functionality that is useful in any other game.

Anything that has WIP next to it, isnt fully done yet. It has so far:


Weapon mode selection:
Fire a single round, burst or just fully automatic at the change of the Q button. Secondary fire modes… may work on that. Maybe hook it up to custom events, so it does what ever event you want it to. Maybe you shoot a door and you can scrap the handle as ammo for your mag launcher.


Weapon Scatter:
Projectiles AND tracers will hit in a random area between the crosshair. You can have recoil affect this too. You can influence the weapons spread pattern by having it spread in a direction more. Want something that likes to hit high? No problem just increase the up amount to something you like and never worry about it again.

Nudges the screen smoothly in a random direction. You can also change the behavior here.


Contracts and retracts when moving and firing. If you have Recoil influencing the weapon spread, it will also affect this too. This is calcaluted currently from WeaponSpreadModifier * MovementModifer * RecoilModifier. seems to workl alright for now.

Weapon overheating:
Everyone loves hot new weapons and these are no exception! (May get a few tweaks down the road) You can use this in a few ways. Do you need a weapon that has to heat up before firing its sol launching universe destroying projile of doom? No problem! Does your (t)rusty blood money maker break down and overheat on the best of days when you need it the most? No Problem!

You can change how fast the weapon heats up, whether it cools down, or requires heat to fire in the firstplace and how much heat it generates per shot.


Weapon Charge:
Do you have a weapon that is full of lemony-battery zing and depletes faster than an energizer bunny jacking up a car? Well then I have the best of the best. Also can be used in a few ways and even with weapon overheating. Even use it as its on ammo type. What a bonus!

Halo plasma rifle anyone?


Ammo and projectiles:
Ammo is its own class, and you can just select what ever ammo type you want to use (think of them as its own type of clip that holds whatever it needs).

Different projectiles are also fun especially when you can make each type a small moon with a laser beam that homes in on birds that hyperdrive. (No moon with laser beam included… yet)

Hell, do you even want to use ammo?

Projectiles are also its own class. Do you like firing more than one projectile at a time? I do when I want to scatter lead like I butter my bread. I don’t use butter in my sandwiches but the option is nice.
Overide the scale on them too if you like. You can projectiles or just turn them of to use line tracing. I need to expand that so it can use other trace types. Or some area detection for flamethrowers.


Weapon ranges: WIP
Still working on that sadly. Having a set of ranges with multipliers determining the weapons damage requires me to code in the damage functionailty a bit more. And thats a beast by itself.


Weapon Damage: WIP

Remember i said weapon damage was its own beast?
Well. Yea.


Different types of damage, whether its permanent or not, whether it goes through armour and if it has different damage values at range and what area effect it has. Maybe you want to shoot healing beams at people. Or do damage over time.

Aesthetics: WIP
Sounds and visuals can be changed, and eventually ammo impacts that change based on what they hit will editable also. That may be headed in the ammo itself. Yea better that way. Its an ammo thing.
Still working out the animations part.


I’ll get some vids up after i’ve gotten less hyper. Ideas ideas ideas.

Much more to come in future.

All of your systems sound great. However, I’m not seeing the pics :slight_smile:

oh boo, well I am about to do a video showing all this stuff. So it should be up soon :slight_smile:

Outside life on a friday night has called so only had time to show the accuracy at the moment, but fear not there will be more vids tomorrow.

(Let it finish processing if it hasnt already)

So due to some weird engine happenstance, i have to recode it all again, but silver lining is that i can show bits to you lot in smaller more digestable chunk of video candy.

Cloud shading at the moment is that my last video uploaded with no sound and my pc bugging out so now its mid upgrade. But all that aside, heres a video (that has sound).

Lotsssssss more to come.