HorseRiding, Character animation during horsemovement

Hi, i’m working on a horseriding system in Blueprints. the moment you possess the horse, you mount the horse and loose the controls as the controls now are on the horse, and the animation bp set. How could i now have my character also play the onhorse animation BP, based on the speed and direction of the controlled horse.

i got the mount/dismount and movement working only the rider animations i do not know how to implement.


Montages played on the actor of which the horse BP has a reference.
or, you can set and feed some horse riding variables with speed/direction that then get used in the Anim BP.

The montage way is less intensive since the other way would require passing variables on an ontick basis.

Ofc. You could also have a reference to the horse inside the character BP and read things in instead of updating/passing variables. That’s a little more complicated probably, but it would probably function better in the long run.

Hi, the default code from the tutorial i was following has it like the char mounts and the ride montage is set, but i do not now wy but on my end all worked except the montage, player goes to a T-pose. so i added the char mesh to the animal and worked with hiding but same here the animations are not like i want it and also is totaly not user friendly as in expandable.

in the first attempt i added a section in the char anim BP triggered by a bool, funny is the bool has effect but the moment you mount, there is no input comming to the anim BP plus the animation for dismounting was played out center. what i also see is that once i undide my attached mesh and run the dismount as in play animation, next time i mount, it looks ok but when i dismount it totaly goes wrong, wy, at the end of playing that animation the anim mode is changed so i need to incl resetting that before it works the next time, and even sometimes i do not have movement as in the char moves but no animations are played, and if i check the mesh has the correct anim mode and class defined but no response to the animation just playing the idle state.

here you see the project up till yesterday, sound is low but watch when i get off, it first goes from a t-pose to the dismount animation.

thx for the reply

Looks like you need to use delays properly to mask when the possess/un-posses happens.
you want the character to play out the montage fully before posssesing the horse.

I started fresh, now i put the mount/unmount in functions before i insert the animations, first make sure that the basic works. and then i go play around on the animation bp and also the montages
will post a new clip once i have more progress.

Hi, good news i managed to get it to work, except my dismount start from a T-pose. I also created a tutorial how i did it only dismount not yet uploaded.

Writen + video…HGDzWQkqGtLnvh

Updated: Dismount still plays the following

SitOnHorse from animBP go to a T-pose then play the dismount animation, Mounting works perfect, only dismount, even setup a second character with a other skeleton and animations but here also the same. we investigate but i can not tell were that T-pose comes from.