Horse Riding and Taming Kit

Glad to represent my first Marketplace work.

Pack comes with realistic mesh with clean topology and LODs, stylized mesh, 126 animations, high resolution textures and ready code for whistle, mounting, riding, feeding.
Rise, Ground scratching, Feeding, Shrugging head, Heavy breathing, Tail wave, Look around and different idle animations.
Kick attack, Bite attacks, Hits and Deaths. Hit and idle animations for each stand type. Transitions between every stand type. Additive animations with procedural look.
Bitten, Kicked and Get up animations with root motion for Unreal Skeleton.
Detailed mouth with tongue. Physics simulation: tail (animations are included), hair, footholds, reins.
Rider part uses the Epic Skeleton in this game ready kit. Thus, mannequin can be easily replaced by any character with a similar skeleton.

List of Features:

  • Mounting/dismounting from both sides with smooth auto approaching to the horse (without teleporting the rider);
  • Whistle to call the closest horse. Horse will auto follow the player;
  • Whistle to get attention of the horse. Horse will keep direction of its head to the player;
  • Mounting with throwing off the player;
  • Dismounting on move;
  • Animation Blueprint comprises ready states for the Jumping and Feeding cycles, and switching animations of footholds and reins with/without the rider;

Project on the marketplace

Change log:
~ Updated LODs: LOD0 - 53000 vertices, LOD1 - 19000, LOD2 - 6900, LOD3: 2700;
~ When the horse is called by a player, it will rotate more smoother now;
~ Fixed a bug when player after dismounting couldn’t call that horse again.

Looks like this package went kind of under the radar, looks super good, plan to pick it up soon! Excellent presentation, and content looks very extensive.

Just waiting for the .14 update for my purchase and confirmation that this is multiplayer ready and replicated? But looks good but i know people said its not working since .13 to .14

How can i change the text that says Press “E” to mount? i cant seem to find where you are setting the text.

It’s MountTextRenderRight/Left in the Component list of BP_Horse:


I noticed that neither of the whistles will make the horse move. It looks at me but stays still.

This is on a fresh create project.


I figured out, I had just forgot to do a build after adding the navmeshboundsvolume. It wasn’t building nav data for each new horse dropped in to play.

Working great!

Hello, sorry to bother you but I’m having an issue getting this to work with my own character.

here are the steps I’m taking:

1 open riding project
2 migrate to new project
3 re-target the horseman to my model
4 re-target his animations
5 re-target his animbp
6 move animations to my char folder
7 press play. my character has the Basic run/jump anims but when getting on the horse no animations work. but you can get on top of the horse and ride it but no animations work???
can you please make a tutorial how to merge this to your own project? im struggling to attach this system to my own model even though the skeleton is compatable.

Frostic, you need to use the logic in the horsemen char itself so you will want to parent the horsemen character (bp) to whichever character of yours shows armor or clothes while wearing them, then re-target his skeleton to your character’s skeleton with the bones you want, set his mesh to your skeletal mesh after retarget, then you can delete his skelletal mesh and physical mesh, and redirect references to the ones on your character. Parenting will make your armor slots show up on him.

Let me know if you need more help and we can use discord or something.

Im not a pro or anything but I think I can at least get you rolling in the right direction.

Also, to the maker of the package… I have a question also…

Im trying to get my armor slots to update while being mounted, and I have a bit of confusion about how the horse/rider combo is set up, so I can add the logic to get my current equipped armor and weapons to show up while mounted.

Is the rider a second mesh, or is it extra bones added to the horse skeleton while coupled to it? I noticed that you can only set a skeletal mesh for the “rider mesh” but there’s no where to parent that particular mesh to the character I inherit my armor slots from.

Thanks, Old-Crow.
frostic, yes, setting BP_Horseman as parent class of your character (or vise versa) is the right way to do, rather than retargeting everything. Notify me, if you still will need tutorial about that.

Old-Crow, about armor sockets. Yes, Horse_Skeleton contains Epic Skeleton. By default, when you are opening it, Horse_With_Rider skeletal mesh will be shown. Simple way, there, sockets can be added (copied from your character, with copy/paste location/rotation/scale), and it’s better to enable some animation to avoid combined T pose of these two meshes (horse and rider mannequin). Or to optimize a bit, manage items through the code. In the Construction Script of BP_Horse, you can see how the rider mesh is managed, and also there are two places in BP_Horseman, use Find Results (Ctrl+F) “rider mesh”.

Nice work man, is it possible using this system for taming other mounts? for those who we are developing rpg’s (some of us) wld like to do it. For instance making a new project with this kit but swapping the animations + models for tigers, dragons… etc… (for instance).

If mounts’ skeletons follows the same approach as stated in my last message, then yes, but some variables-constants have to be changed. They were created in the case of other animations, like yours. Well anyway, code of this “system” is very short (and most taming is just animations), so it should be easy to change/expand for use of others many mounts.

Just a quick video showing your awesome horse in action!

Working on the armor slot updates right now. I’ll try to keep a write-up in case anyone else needs to know how to do it.

It was not your pack. the character i purchased says it is rigged to epic skeleon but it is not. there is like 2 bones named wrong.
Thank you

Maybe some of you who have added this can help me.

I’m using the action RPG Inventory system that was already setup in my project. I’m using their player character/controller.
I setup everything on BP_Horsemen onto my Player character.
Imported the animations and retargeted them.
Fixed everything that points towards the character Ref inside the Horse and animation BP’s.

Everything seems to work, I can whistle, mount etc. As soon as I mount though, I have no movement at all. I’ve gone through BP_Horseman, BP_Horse, and both the horseman/horse animation BP’s to make sure everything was connected to my stuff, multiple times. Any ideas? I was hoping to avoid having multiple characters targeted to each other. When I parented the Horseman BP to my Equipment char, I had really funky character controls that I def. want to avoid.

Also Old-Crow, nice video. I’m basically working on this myself atm.

Just to update, Roman and Old-Crow were awesome and helped me figure it out. I now have it working. Next up, getting my inventory to show up while on the horse!

How did you do that? Copied all the blueprint from the character to yours?

To clarify for others, the problem was with a custom player controller from another package, because that controller was incompatible with typical default movement and horse uses default controller (same as default Mannequin). Hence, if your custom player controller is working with default movement, everything should be fine. Otherwise, some logic should be changed in movement of this controller or of the horse. Or change the way horse gets the control in the “Mounting” section of the code.

I’m using the Action RPG inventory kit. So I ended up parenting Equipment Char -> Horseman -> My Player char. Then I had to move/change some of the movement logic that was in my player controller out to the character.

Hey guys,
I am currently having a problem where when I am riding the horse and turn left, the horse animation starts pointing towards the left, then turns to the right. I have no idea why and it is bugging me so much!

Any help would be way appreciated thanks!!

Edit: It seems that this bug has to do with the turn rate. When i decreased the default turn rate lower to 0.2, it works perfectly.